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Finding the right doctor can be a challenge. From the moment I found Dr DeMaio, I knew he could solve my issues. He determined the severity of my condition and proceeded with a sense of urgency. His staff is friendly and treated me with sincere concern, especially Robert and Rico. I was in so much pain before I started my treatments, then after a short time I could see and feel real improvement. Thank you, Dr DeMaio for giving me my life back!”

Sally DeVinney M.

I can’t look at a diet of peppers that I don’t think of you. On behalf of my family I would like to thank for being aware of the “special people” in my dad’s life. You went above and beyond in your care for my dad and for that we will be always grateful. Thank you for thinking of my dad as a worthwhile person and not just some old man who was going to die anyway. You gave him dignity as great as a man as my father it is true you can’t beat r outlive a 90 year old hear. My father passed away a few weeks ago. As hard as it is to let go, thank you for the extra time you gave us with him!


I first visited Dr. Demaio after a South Austin cardiologist recommended a procedure to deal with a diagnosis of atrial fibrilation. He wanted to put a device down my throat to electronically get my heart to beat at a regular rhythm. That procedure sounded unduly invasive so I got a second opinion from Dr. Demaio. He prescribed an effective medicine that has worked ever since! He also changed some blood pressure medicine and it’s been all to the betterment of my health! I would recommend the service of Dr. Demaio to anyone!!


Dr. Demaio has over the past decade saved my life numerous times! My experience with his staff has been that they are both pleasant and very efficient. I consider it a privilege to be a patient under their care.

Don B.

My experience with Star State Heart has been a very positive one. I am in the process of vein procedures and have been very happy with the results so far. I have had procedures done several years ago at a different facility that didn’t offer positive results, and Dr. DeMaio has been able to correct what should have been corrected in the first place! The staff has been very friendly and helpful and although it’s never fun to have medical procedures done, I am always made very comfortable when I am in their office. I would, and have, recommended Star State Heart and Dr. DeMaio to others.

Jan K.

That Code STEMI you overheard late afternoon came in via Starflight.

The patient was flown in from Hamilton pool with a STEMI and our times were fantastic. Add to the mix that the cardiologist and cath lab team were done for the day and on the road, essentially making it an after-hours case, it is that much more impressive.

The first medical contact to balloon (when the cardiologist inflates a balloon in the coronary artery to open it up) was 37 minutes (goal is 90 minutes). Door of the ER to balloon inflation time was 20 minutes (goal is 60 minutes).

To put this into perspective, nationally only 11% of STEMIs achieve door to balloon times of less than 30 minutes. Dr Demaio has drawn the last three STEMIs and all three have blown the doors off national guidelines, all achieving balloon inflation in less than 30 minutes.
We impressed the pants off the Starflight personnel and big props to Cath Lab, Dr Demaio, and the Code STEMI team. This is an amazing effort and incredible coordination that has set the bar at truly amazing metrics that no one in the city can best. Talk about that at your next cocktail party…


Sam SAVED my dad’s (life). He is best in class on any level… If a life/death event ever knocked on your door I assure you would want this man at your side…”


“I’ve never seen a more professional doctor,” said Abel Lopez, a nurse and director of the cardiac procedures lab where DeMaio works at East El Paso Physicians Medical Center. “Dr. DeMaio is another breed in terms of intelligence and experience. … I would recommend him to all my family members.”


Dr. Rodney Davenport, a dentist in Greenville, has been seeing DeMaio since 1996 when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at age 51. DeMaio recommended he have a bypass, but his veins weren’t good enough, and he’s since had about 15 stents placed by DeMaio and “probably 20 angiograms,” Davenport said. Now 66, Davenport said he has followed DeMaio from Austin to El Paso and back to Austin to remain his patient.


Dr. Sam DeMaio has been my Cardiologist for over six years. He saved my life through his knowledge and expertise in Cardiology. I have not felt this good in the last ten years as I do today. He has also saved the lives of two friends of mine. I think challenging the ethics and practices of Dr. DeMaio are unfounded. Instead of challenging Dr. DeMaio, challenge the doctors who have raised the questions and the real reasons why they are challenging his ethics… I personally plan to continue with Dr. DeMaio when he returns to the Lakeway area.


Eight and one half years ago I suffered a massive heart attack. I was attended in the emergency room and cardiac ICU by Samuel DeMaio. I have been a patient of Dr. DeMaio since this horrifying event and my experience is that I have been treated by him in a diligent and compassionate manner. He has impressed me with his individualized approach to my care and his passion for my well being. Later, in 2010 [after an unsuccessful local procedure] I flew to El Paso and received treatment from Dr. DeMaio. I immediately felt much better as a result. I credit Dr. DeMaio’s courage to step up and help in my time of need.


Cardiologist Dr. Samuel DeMaio, M.D., FACC, has been specially honored by the American Board of Cardiology in recognition of his exceptional excellence, ethics, compassion and humanitarianism earning him the highest recognition of achievement now given by the American Board of Cardiology: Laureate. The designation of Laureate is considered to be a higher achievement than that of Diplomate.

“We take our Hippocratic Oath very seriously,” Dr. DeMaio explains, “which says to ‘first, do no harm’. The practice of medicine, good medicine, is both an art and a science. If there are problems with the heart, I like to catch those problems early, and to fix them with the least invasive approach first. Surgical intervention should never be your first line of defense, especially when, a majority of the time, the power to improve your health lies within your own control.”

Dr. DeMaio, founder of the newly-opened Lakeway Regional Medical Center continues to provide the best level of care at his practice and his excited to welcome Dr. Pritam Polkampally to his Lakeway office. “With Dr. Polkampally’s addition to the practice,” says Dr. DeMaio, “We are able to offer extended clinic days; Wednesdays and Fridays as well as added services such as TEE (Transesphageal Echocardiogram) and Radial Artery Catheterization.”